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On the whole, the weather in most of Thailand is Hot most of the year. It is tropical, high both in temperature and humidity. April and May are the hottest months, when even the locals complain about the heat! June to October is the rainy season, brought on by the South West monsoons.

Climate & Weather

November to the end of February, the climate is a little milder, with some breeze and less humidity. This is the best time to visit Thailand. The North and North East are milder than Central and South Thailand. The temperatures in Central and South barely drop below about 26°C during the day, whereas in the North they can drop to 2°C and frost forms on the mountainous areas there.

Wear light cotton clothing, and don’t worry about bringing much clothing with you, as you can get very cheap clothes in Thailand almost everywhere. The sun can be very fierce, so bring a hat and a high factor sun cream.  

A Tropical Paradise.

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Thais have always been creative people and their creativity has found expression in arts like music and dance. They retain deeply-rooted cultural connections with two great Asian civilisations - China and India and their achievements in the field of performing arts are spectacular.

Thai dance can be segregated into two major categories, namely classical dance and folk dance.

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