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Useful phrases, Here a few useful Thai phrases (shown as English letters).

Language part 2

How much?  - gee baht or nee thao rai,

Where is ...?  - ... yoo tee nai

I don't want -  mai ow

Sorry - khor toat

Can you make it cheaper?  - lot noi dai mai

Delicious  - arroy

Never mind - mai bpen rai

No problem - mai preur or mai mee bpunhaa

How are you? - Kheun sabai dee mai

I love you - poom ra kheun

Bill please - check bin

Please make the food not spicy - kwaaw phet phet na khrap

Please keep the change - mai dtawng thaawn krap


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Anon High and Dry

Where is the restroom? - haawng naam yuu thee nai

Where are you going? - bpai nai

Can you speak English? - khoon phuut phaa saa anggrit dai mai

I can’t speak Thai - phuut thai mai dai

I don’t understand - mai khao jai

Do you understand? - khao jai mai

Use the meter (in a taxi) - chai mi dtuuhr

Stop here - jaawt thee nee

How much to Wat Pra Kaew? - bpai wat phra gaaeo thao rai

Drive slowly - khap chaa chaa

Please take the toll road - chuay kheun thaang duaan duay krap

Stop here - jaawt dtrohng nee krap

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