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The first thing you notice is that Thai drivers drive where they like, hard shoulders become another road if there are traffic queues, and not just to go the same direction as the traffic! In Thailand they drive on the left (some of the time), as they do in the UK.

Driving in Thailand

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Out of town too, the hard shoulders are another road to the Thai drivers so don't be surprised when you see a motor cycle or pick-up coming towards you on the hard shoulder, and don't flash your lights to let a car pull out, in Thailand a flash of the headlights means 'I am here - don't even think about pulling out'.

Do get an International Driving License, available from the Post Office, RAC or AA at only £7.50 for one year, in the UK.

At busy road junctions when turning on to a major road keep nudging out until the other cars have to let you go or you'll sit there all day waiting. Like in the United States, if the lights are on red you can filter to the left (right in the states) but not if there's a separate set of lights controlling the left turn!

Petrol is cheap, about 30 bahts a litre (about 40p), all petrol stations are usually attended service, and at most of them you'll get a free bottle of water or something else will a full tank.

Thai drivers don't take a lot of notice of pedestrian crossings, In Thailand pedestrians don't get the right of way!

Watch out for the local Police on their little motorbikes.

Hiring a car is usually cheaper if you hire it from the local Thai Office of Budget or Hertz than if you book in the UK. I've nearly always used Budget, the local office there speak good English and will meet you off the plane with the car, and collect it from you when you return to the airport.

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Not an unusual site! I have seen SEVEN on one bike before now.
Bangkok Rush Hour - 3 lane roads are made 4 or 5 lanes by impatient drivers!
Motor cycles, even pick-ups come towards you on the wrong side!